Where to learn more about printing

Online Printing Service, 48hourprintTopics such as design and printing are popular, but to be honest, there is a pretty steep learning curve. When I first learned web design, it took me years to get up to speed. The same was true for learning about print design and figuring out how to work with printing services.

Today, it’s a lot easier to learn these things thanks to the many resources available on the Web. Sites such as HowDesign offer tutorials and other tools you can use to teach yourself more about design. And a lot of printing services such as Vistaprint offer a ton of templates, design resources, and online design tools you can use as well. There is definitely a lot of help out there if you’re willing to look for it. Last but not least, you could go to the library and read books and magazines as well. If you have a bit of money, joining a training site such as Lynda.com could also be a good option.

One important thing is to not just read information, but get involved with the online print and design community. One great way to do this is by joining forums and also visiting social media sites related to print and design, such as the many groups on facebook.

As for printing companies, my favorite right now is Printplace, because of its fast service and quality printing. You can place your orders entirely online and never need to leave your desk. Printing can be done quickly and you can often have your order in a matter of days. To get a Printplace coupon. head over to Hotprintingdeals.com.

All said, you learn more by interacting with others rather than just passively reading about things.