Vitamins that have helped me improve Acne

vitamins and mineralsLast month, I wrote about some good e-cigarette brands. But regardless of the brand you choose, if you quit smoking and switch to e-cigarettes, you may experience acne. In this article I will talk about the things that have helped me deal with this problem.

Acne is one of the most frustrating problems one could deal with. And although many people believe it’s only teenagers who deal with acne, this is in fact not true. Millions of adults struggle with this condition as well. While there are medications one can take to manage the condition, such medications can often be harmful, and for this reason it is a lot better to seek out a natural remedy.

I have long relied on vitamins and other supplements to help me address a number of health concerns. Acne has been no exception. Through much trail and error, I have found a handful of vitamins and minerals that have helped improve my complexion greatly. Below, I will go over each one in further detail.

1. Vitamin D
Many Americans are deficient in this important vitamin, and you might be as well. If you are, there is a good chance it is contributing to your acne problems. But the solution is really quite easy. Vitamin D is cheap and available everywhere. I have had good results taking 2000 IU a day. You can purchase this vitamin at the supermarket, or from online vitamin stores like Vitamin World.

2. Vitamin E
This vitamin has been known to be good for your skin. You can use it in 2 ways for Acne. First, you can take it each morning as part of your vitamin regimen. In addition to that, you can pop open the capsules and rub the vitamin E oil over your acne scars. This helps the scars heal much more quickly.

3. Zinc
Studies have shown that zinc deficiency can be a contributing factor to Acne. There are many types of zinc you can take, but I have had success with Zinc Gluconate. I take 50 mg in the morning and evening. Make sure you do not overdose on this mineral, however, since it can have side effects. It’s important to remember that the Tolerable Upper Limit for elemental zinc is 40mg. But keep in mind, 100 mg of zinc gluconate typically only has about 13 g of elemental zinc. Therefore, you may want to take as much as 200 – 300 mg of zinc gluconate to deal with stubborn acne problems. Fortunately, zinc is cheap and available just about everywhere.

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