Some good e-cigarette brands to consider

volcano brand e-cigarette batteries

Are you thinking of trying out electronic cigarettes? For those of you who are not familiar with these devices, e-cigarettes are vaporizers that allow you to inhale nicotine vapors. They are generally considered much safer than traditional cigarettes, and are often marketed as a device to help you quit smoking.

But the problem many newcomers face is that there are so many brands to choose from that they feel a bit lost. Don’t make the mistake of selecting a brand randomly, since the quality of e-cigarettes can vary quite a bit. I recommend reading e-cigarette reviews and also joining electronic cigarette forums to familiarize yourself with what your options are. With that said, here are some of the e-cigarette companies I have purchase from.

Volcano Ecigs – This store has a very comprehensive starter kit you can purchase that will have everything from batteries, cartomizers, and even a hand-held charger. Their batteries are well made and have the 510 threading, which is widely supported. You have a choice between 3 types of batteries. If you want a volcano ecig coupon, head over to

Halo Cigs – They make some of the coolest looking e-cigarettes. The batteries are pretty decent, but be aware that you need to buy Halo chargers – otherwise, the batteries may not charge correctly. You can purchase the smaller G6 batteries, or the larger Triton batteries if you want a tank system.

Smokeless Image – These guys make great batteries in a variety of colors. I have only tried the volt batteries but they are excellent, and well reviewed by other users.

Vapor4life – They have some of the most expensive batteries and while many people praise the batteries from Vapor4life, I personally was not impressed with the automatic battery I purchased from them. The battery itself seemed well made, but it you simply had to draw pretty hard in order to get vapor.

Other brands you might want to consider include V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, and Blu Cigs. For more information on ecigs, make sure you visit