Can you really find love online?

Many people still seem to have doubts about whether they can find love online. But statistics would seem to indicate that online relationships are a real thing. 1 in 5 relationships today start online. And sites like Eharmony account for thousands of marriages each and every year.

Dating sites are the most obvious choice for people who are looking for love online. The best sites to consider are, Eharmony, Zoosk, and Christian Mingle. Most of these sites offer a free trial, so you should take advantage of them whenever you can. For example, I used a free trial for before I joined the site and became a regular subscriber. If you want to get this same deal, just visit to claim a free trial offer.

But online dating sites aren’t your only option. There are many other venues online through which people form relationships. Video games are one popular way people meet each other online, but they may not appeal to everyone. Virtual worlds like Second Life have also been responsible for bringing people together. Last but not least, if you are active in social media, you may discover that is a great way to make friends online. And who knows, you may start out as friends but the relationship could blossom into something more significant down the line.

By all means, you should join top dating sites if you are interested in getting involved in a relationship. But my only point is, don’t close yourself off to other avenues. If there is an activity you enjoy online, be it gaming, tweeting, or anything else, keep engaging in those activities, but keep an open mind. Meeting someone online doesn’t necessarily have to only happen on dating sites like